Masao Tonari

歩々 / 水明-隣雅夫

  • 2023.02.23
歩々 / 水明-隣雅夫


CDアルバム『水明/歩歩』(ホホブンノスイミョウ)/ Masao Tonari


1st Album Masao Tonari “hohobun no suimyou” is going to be Oct 2007 in japan on the label banana songs.

Masao Tonari from Kyoto based band Datetenryu since 1971 who is one of the most important progressive rock band
in Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll history.

The mysterious profundity, aesthetic, psychedelic, a beat, animism.
Masao Tonari has got high evaluation in showing Japanese sounds with his original idea and power of expression.

Finally, he releases the first studio recorded solo album which he made with versatile guests



歩々/ 水明
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CDアルバム『水明/歩歩』(ホホブンノスイミョウ)”hohobun no suimyou” 隣雅夫
1.tears for life for the songs nights 4.My Country Song 5.kamidaigo 6.kibou no oka 7.asian sprits 8.tango minimal music 9.two pads。

Guests.あらいなおこ(harp),井上 衛(b),うずかりゅうじ(b),太田 亨(g),北村 芳彦(wave box),榊原 良太(paper box),田中 康彦(g)Taiqui(drs),船戸 博史(b),登 敬三(sax)。